Three generations of knowledge - the legacy of our founding fathers obligates us to this day, every day, to work in a profession that we cherish, all that with special emphasis on quality. The knowledge we have accumulated over the years is used by us for this purpose and we are implementing it throughout the process, in order for you, our customer, to receive a quality diamond to an international standard.

Maintaining our reputation as a professional and reliable Company is the most important part for us at D.G.C, therefore, out of a moral perception, all of our diamonds are documented and possess a Kimberly certification which states that the diamond is not a blood or controversy diamond.
As an experienced company we at D.G.C. are obligated to a reputation of quality and service and for that we take pleasure to have customers from all around the world. Above all, we keep this reputation by providing each diamond with a Gemological certificate.

 At the end of the process, the fortunate person who`ll wear the shiny quality diamond of our making, will enjoy a piece of jewelry for a lifetime.