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When referring to the level of work in a diamond, it can have two different meanings. 
One is the form of the polished stone and the other is the level of finished proportions of the stone. We divide the formation of a
polished stone into:
Round cut stones (Round Brilliant Cut) and stones which are not round cut - Fantasy Cut.

Diamond finishing refers to those small details that are derived from the polishing process and affect the value and beauty of the diamond:
Structural symmetry of the diamond.
Symmetry of the diamonds polished surfaces 
Brushing nature of the diamond surfaces.
Rondyst and culet.

A diamonds Proportions refers to the attribute of the height and the width of a diamond. Perfect proportions are when they fit "the ideal of Tolkovsky polishing" and they are in fact responsible for the three types of diamond light reflections:

Brilliancy – a white light which is reflected from within the stone or its surface.
Fire – a white light breaking to its nature colors: blue, yellow, red, etc ...
Scintillation – a white light that is reflected as a result of movement or displacement of the stone.

A diamond  which is too big in width and too small in height . 
This causes an outflow of diamond light
 A perfect proportion Diamond
No outflow of light
A diamond which is too small in width and too big in height . 
This causes an outflow of diamond light